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Completion celebration of Bao Lam 3 and Bao Lam 3A hydro power projects

Tuesday, 09/04/2018 15:17

On 30th June 2018, Song Da 5 JSC participated in the celebration for the completion of Bao Lam 3 and Bao Lam 3A Hydro Power Project that was held by Power Construction No. 1 JSC (PCC1). Both these projects were executed by Song Da 5 JSC with the role as an EPC contractor.

Bao Lam 3 Hydro Power Plant is situated between Duc Hanh Commune, Bao Lam district, Cao Bang Province and Niem Tong commune, Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province. This work consist of 2 units with the capability of 46 MW, the annual output of 192,2 million Kwh. At this time, 3 years ago, Song Da 5 JSC received the pleasure when Power construction No 1 JSC- the employer of the project handed-over the contract No. 150/2015/HĐXD-BL3 to implement Bao Lam 3 Hydro power project which includes main items such as Diversion culvert, right bank dam, water intake, outlet, spillway, left bank dam. The total contract value is VND 450 billion. Song Da 5 JSC completed the project and handed over to the Employer on 8th October 2017, two months ahead of schedule in comparison with the request in the contract. The plant has generated electricity at Unit 1 on 13th November 2017 and Unit 2 on 23rd Nov 2017.

Bao Lam 3 Hydro Power plant in operation 

Continuing the success of Bao Lam 3 Hydro power project, the Employer (PCC1) signed the contract No 045/2016/HDXD-BL3A with Song Da 5 JSC on 22nd Feb 2016 to handover the construction of Bao Lam 3A Hydro power project with the contract value of VND 131 billion. Bao Lam 3A hydro power project is located in Ly Bon commune, Bao Lam district, Cao Bang province. The work consist of 2 Units with the installation capacity of 8 MW, the annual output reaches 33.4 million KW/h. The plant has generated electricity at unit 1 on 11th November 2017 and at unit 2 on 23rd December 2017.

 Bao Lam 3A Hydro Power plant  in operation

In spite of difficulties and challenges in the previous time, Song Da 5 JSC has completed all the above mentioned projects thank to the determination and effort of all employees, ensuring the schedule, quality, safety and environmental hygiene and handing over to the employer and putting the plant into safe and stable operation.

Bao Lam 3 and Bao Lam 3A Hydro Power Plants has contributed 225 billion kWh/year to the national electrical system, solve the electrical supply. Besides, the operation of these plants regulates floods for the downstream and provides water for the production in dry season, contributing to social economic development in Cao Bang and Ha Giang provinces.

Some pictures at the Completion Celebration.

Representatives of the contractor: Mr. Nguyen Manh Toan-Deputy General Director of Song Da 5 JSC participated in ribbon- cutting ceremony at Bao Lam 3 and Bao Lam 3A Plants.

Vice President of Cao Bang Province made a speech at the celebration

(Wrote by Song Da 5 JSC)