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HSE policy

HSE Policy
Safety, Health and Environment are called SHE and always importance matters in all construction projects. We, regarded as the Contractor, having a lot of experiences in executing large – scale construction projects, are aware that: 
•  Safety: 
The carelessness in construction activities will be able to result in both serious damage of human and property and negative impacts on construction process and construction schedule as well.
•  Health: 
The severe weather conditions on construction site results in the bad conditions of personnel’s health. That is the reason for reduction of working productivity and epidemic increase. It both has negative influence on both construction activities on site and issue directly to the local social and economic situation.
•  Environment: 
The carelessness in construction activities on site, especially bad behavior of manpower and engineers, causes pollution and ecological balance destruction on construction site where ecosystem diversification is high and vulnerable. So it makes the daily life of local community to be affected and causes long – term damage for future generations.
Song Da 5 JSC has established management plan in term of health, safety and environment coming from the general matters to specific items resulting from the construction activities with the view to ensure the health, safety of manpower and property and preserving the environment. 
The objectives of SHE plan include as follows:
•  Prevent accidents, avoid schedule delay, and avoid damage to human and equipment according to the safety program.
•  Minimize pollution including noise pollution, waste pollution, water pollution and air pollution...resulting from construction activities on site, concrete work and transporting materials on site...
•  Improve the health conditions of personnel on site in order to enhance working productivity and complete the works in accordance with schedule.
We have established a transparent and strict policy based on our construction experiences and our awareness with the view to achieving the planned targets.
•  The Contractor will try our best to perform the objectives adequately and exactly according to the related standards and regulations of Vietnam Law in order to construct the works in the safest operation applying for all construction activities on site
•  Safe and environment program is applied for all construction site and construction activities
•  Identify, prevent and minimize the potential risk, ensure to avoid environment pollution and damage to the human and equipment in all site activities. Establish and maintain the safe production and construction environment and management quality system.
•  Improve the personnel’s awareness of safety in all activities and encourage training course of safety, the environment and hygiene progressively. Establish and apply comprehensively all SHE management system, management quality system and other advanced management systems in the projects. Implement to inspect and adjust these systems to improve the productivity and the product quality the personnel’s capacity with the Song Da 5 JSC’s view to integrate into the world.