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Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Project brought the first prize of Tekla BIM Award Asia 2016 to Song Da 5 Company

Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Station Overview Song Da 5 JSC is a construction company with over 20 year experience, specializing in hydropower and water resource projects. For their latest project, the Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower...
Special competition campaign in Lai Chau HPP
(EVN) In the morning of 28 th February, in Lai Chau HPP (Nam Nhun District, Lai Chau province), the steering committee of cooperation competition movement for the construction of Lai Chau HPP...
The trademark of Song Da 5 is approaching to International market
(Xay dung). Near 1/3 of the past century, recently, the band of Song Da 5 has achieved a dominant position equivalent to large enterprises in the world in term of hydropower construction,...
Anniversary to celebrate 10 years of cooperation between Song Da 5 & Nippon Conveyor (2006 – 2016)
In early 23 th March 2016, an anniversary to celebrate 10 years of cooperation between Song Da 5 & Nippon Conveyor was held solemnly at head office of Song Da 5 JSC with the attendance of...
Song Da 5 JSC open training course on RCC placement methodology
Song Da 5 is considered as one of the leading national construction company on the field of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) production and placement, Song Da 5 always continues to update...
Song Da 5 JSC donated the house of gratitude to Mr. Le Xuan Hao – a martyr returned after 28 years
Thanks to the newspaper sources posted the return of Mr. Le Xuan Hao Martyr after 28 years of missing that made the employees of Song Da 5 JSC under Song Da Corporation very touched. Over...