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BIM – The important solution for the construction sector to approach the industrial revolution 4.0

Saturday, 13/10/2018 08:38
(Xay dung) – On 28th September in Hanoi, BIM Steering Committee, Ministry of Construction cooperated with Autodesk Company to organize a workshop on "Implementing the application of BIM in construction and operation management " This is a forum for managers, experts and business community to share experiences and lessons relating to the implementation of BIM according to Government’s regulations.

Mr. Tran Hong Mai, Deputy Director of BIM Steering Committee, Ministry of Construction, BIM is an important solution for the construction sector to approach the industrial revolution 4.0.

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling, and in Vietnamese means Mô hình thông tin công trình. According to Mr. Daniel Green – The Director of Autodesk’s Asia -Pacific Governmental Regions, in the above group of words, modeling is the design model for the construction works. However, BIM is not only the design model but also contain lots of information about the construction work so that people can share with the related parties.

For example, from the design phase, the information of projects shall be saved in BIM and shall be transferred to the execution sections. The information in the construction process shall be updated continually and saved in BIM and shall be transferred to the operation units so that the operation units shall operate the work effectively. It means that the employer, consultants, contractors, authorities can operate together in the exploration of the saved large data of BIM

In Vietnam, According to Mr. Tran Hong Mai - Deputy Director of BIM Steering Committee, Ministry of Construction, at present BIM is the important solution to approach the industrial revolution 4.0 of the construction sector. Mr. Daniel Green said the application of BIM is becoming more popular in the world. Many countries have applied BIM in different grades to increase the efficiency, quality and competitiveness in the construction sector.

Mr. Tran Hong Mai said that the application of BIM in Vietnam has been mainly carried out in some projects of foreign elements (such as invested by foreign countries, or hire foreign project management consultant, and foreign designers). Up to now, many domestic agencies and organizations, including investors, consultants, and construction contractors have paid their attention, consideration and implementation to BIM thanks to its recognized benefits.

Based on the summary of some projects, the application of BIM has helped investors reduce the progress and minimize the costs by the optimization and pre-solving difficulties in the design and construction phase, control strictly the implemented volume... "- Mr. Mai said

However, Mr. Mai also said that, the ratio of BIM application in Vietnam is still low, and spontaneous and unadvised.

At the seminar, managers, specialist, and domestic and foreign enterprises shared experience lessons relating to the application of BIM.

To implement BIM in the field of construction, on 22nd December 2016, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 2500 / QD-TTg to approve the project of applying Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the construction activities and in the management of construction work with the view that the country shall encourage and create the favorable conditions for the concerned subjects to apply BIM and to apply solutions to raise the productivity, quality and minimize human resources in the construction activities and in the work operation management.

According to the Prime Minister's Decision No. 2500 / QD-TTg, the Ministry of Construction shall take the main responsibilities, cooperates with ministries, Departments and localities in organizing and implementing the scheme. To carry out this task, the Ministry of Construction has set up the Steering Committee for the implementation of the Scheme and released the specific plan. Accordingly, during the period of 2017 - 2019, the scheme focuses on raising awareness and encouraging agencies, organizations and enterprises to apply BIM; building the legal corridor and system of technical standards, standards, technical and the relating economic norms to apply BIM; to develop the guidelines on BIM; develop the training modules on BIM knowledge and improve the capacity for the specialized agencies.

In the period from 2019 to 2020, according to the scheme, BIM application shall be implemented in the design, construction and management of some new construction works; experimental applying BIM in management operation of some important works; the evaluation of BIM application. From 2021, The Ministry of Construction shall issue the specific circulars and guidance so that BIM shall be applied largely in the work construction and operation.

Mr. Tran Hong Mai said: According the experience of the previous countries, there are many difficulties and challenges in the initial application of new technologies such as BIM in the construction due to the adjustment of the production process of the consultant, the preparation of resources for updating new tools, collaborative processes of project stakeholders that require the high activeness and responsibility. Therefore, this seminar focused on the solutions to implement BIM in a feasible manner to the consulting enterprises, construction enterprises, especially in the management of construction investment projects comforting to the features of Vietnam. The workshop also mentioned the human resource training solutions that meet the requirements of applying BIM according to the procedures; Measures used to maximize the opportunities and potential to apply BIM effectively, gradually integrate into the world.

Referring to BIM development opportunities in Vietnam, Daniel Green commented: "The implementation of BIM in Vietnam will be certainly developed by the Government and the ministries because the importance of BIM has been recognized so far. Autodesk will help Vietnam in two aspects. The first is to help the Government, the state management agencies to learn the best international practices in the world as well as to help the government and management agencies to access the documents on the implementation of BIM of the countries in the world therefor the Government, state agencies shall issues the decisions relating to BIM.

Secondly, Autodesk have also ever worked and operated with Vietnamese enterprises in some works, Autodesk shall present his roles in the projects applied BIM in the coming time.

(Wrote by Tam Vu-Hanh Tran)