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Contract signing ceremony for package no. 21 – Ban Lai reservoir project
On 14th day of September, 2018 in Hai Duong Province, the Contract Signing Ceremony for Package No.21: Headworks (civil works and equipment supply & installation) – Ban Lai Reservoir Project – Stage I – Lang Son Province was held by No.2 Hydraulic Project Investment & Construction Management Board under Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development – the Employer and Song Da 5  JSC Consortium – The Contractor.     Mr. Tran Van Lang – Director of No.2 Hydraulic Project Investment & Construction Management Board and Mr. Tran Huu Hung – General Director of Song Da 5 Joint Stock Company, representing the Lead Member of Song Da 5 JSC Consortium and other leaders of Consortium Members were taking their attendance in the signing ceremony.   Ban Lai Reservoir Project is invested by Hydraulic Project Investment & Construction Management Board under Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development. The works is located in Ky Cung River, Khuat Xa Commune, Loc Binh District, Lang Son Province. The Headworks structure is comprised of RCC Dam, Spillway and Inlet Culvert. Accordingly, the Song Da 5 will be in charge of civil works of headworks including RCC Dam, Spillway, Bottom Outlet, Plunge Pool and Inlet Culvert. The total earthwork and concrete volume is over 1,2 million m3 and 360.000 m3 in respectively.   For all works executed by Song Da 5, the works quality is always considered the top consideration. Giving speech at the signing ceremony, Mr. Tran Huu Hung – General Director of Song Da 5 Joint Stock Company has expressed determination to complete the project which meets the requirement of quality and progress in which safety and friendliness to the environment would be maintained in all construction activities by Song Da 5.   With his capability and experience in construction of hydroelectric plants and water resources works which are the largest scale in his country and region, Song Da 5 is entirely confident about the success of this project. Upon the Contract signing ceremony, Song Da 5 has mobilized many construction machineries and experienced manpower to implement the project. Songda5
  • Song Da 5 has won the bidding for Ban Lai Reservoir Project – Lang Son province
    In early September/2018 , the Song Da 5 JSC Consortium received Letter of Award for Package No.21: Headworks (civil works and equipment supply & installation) – Ban Lai Reservoir Project – Stage I in Lang Son Province which invested by Hydraulic Project Investment & Construction Management Board under Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development. Project Perspective View The headworks structure is comprised of RCC Dam, Spillway with discharge Q tk 851 m 3 /s and Inlet Culvert, dimension 3.5 x 3.5 m 2 . The Project’s goal is to minimize and control flood, irrigation watering and industrial and portable water supply. Accordingly, the Song Da 5 JSC Consortium will be general contractor in charge of civil works of headworks including RCC Dam, Spillway, Bottom Outlet, Plunge Pool and Inlet Culvert. The Contract Amount is estimated 1,223 Billion VND with the construction period of 28 months. The Package No.21: Headworks (civil works and equipment supply & installation) is considered the most important package in Ban Lai Reservoir Project in Lang Son Province due to its large volume of works and complicated structure. Based on our experience, capability and professional bidding team, Song Da 5 Consortium has defeated many rival Contractors who joined the bidding and has been evaluated as the best technical proposal and the lowest financial proposal. At present, Song Da 5 is implementing all necessary preparation works to commence the Works in shortest time.
  • The business results of Song Da 5 in the first 6 months of 2018
    In spite of many difficulties due to the general challenges and the fierce competitiveness in bid work of the construction, Song Da 5 JSC has developed stably and comprehensively, achieved recognizable results and completed the business targets approved by the Committee of Share Holders for the first six months of 2018 thank to the tradition of unity, the spirit of difficulty overcoming and creativeness. The total value of business results in the first 6 weeks of Song Da 5 reached VND 545 billion to score 44% of the yearly completion ratio.. For bid work in the first 6 months, Song Da 5 JSC have been awarded packages of Hoa Phat – Dung Quat Steel plant and other projects, ensuring the plan of business production in 2018 According to the proposed plan, the value of business production in the last six months of 2018 shall reach VND 721 billion. The total output in 2018 shall reach at VND 1,250 billion. The estimated turnover is VND 766 billion in the first six months and VND 1,364 billion for the whole year 2018. In term of site organization, up to 30 th June 2018, Song Da 5 JSC has been ensuring the milestones, the quality in accordance with the commitment to the employer at all projects. The Company always pays attention to the labor safety and environment sanitation as stated in the regulations of the company, employer and main contractor Besides the promotion of business development, Song Da 5 JSC always cares for the life of employees. The average income of each employee maintains at 9.9 million per month. The company has carried out annual activities including: Regular medical check-ups, holiday activities, celebrations such as International Women's Day (8/3), International Children Day (1/6), the training activities, rewarding students with excellent academic achievements... In the remaining half of the year 2018, Song Da 5 JSC continues speeding up the construction and installation work a site to ensure the quality, progress, safety and expand the search for potential markets. With the efforts of all employees, Song Da 5 JSC has successfully completed the business plans in the first 6 months of 2018 as a premise for the further development in the future. (Wrote by Song Da 5 JSC)
  • Song Da 5 executes Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Complex Project
    Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Complex has been invested by Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel JSC. The project is located in Binh Dong commune, Binh Son District, Quang Ngai province with the area of 378 hectares and the capacity of 4 million tons per year. Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Complex project is applied with closed furnace of high technology with the modern equipment of the world leading manufacturers ensuring friendliness to the environment, the coke production by dry coke stamping technology, full recovery of heat and exhaust, making use of extra products to generate electricity, back use for the production, activeness and create high economic efficiency. On 02 nd April 2018, Song Da 5 JSC has been officially awarded contracts to execute package: Foundation, Structure, foundation structure of coal storage – raw material yard which belongs to Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Complex project - Phase II. To satisfy the project’s progress, Song Da 5 JSC has been emphasizing and mobilizing human and machinery resources to complete the assigned works. With our action policy: The value of works is the belief – The value of our brand name is permanent, Song Da 5 has confirmed the prestige, professional construction capability, and awarded many other packages such as: Items at the south of raw material yard, the sintering plant package, Sao Hill leveling and degrading package, the production of commercial rock package, sand grinding package,.etc.      All items executed by Song Da 5 JSC are highly appreciated by the employer for the good quality, ensuring the progress and the regulations of safety, environmental sanitation of the project.   The general layout plan of the project Project site actual status Coal Storage The eastern works (Wrote by Song Da 5 JSC)
  • Completion celebration of Bao Lam 3 and Bao Lam 3A hydro power projects
    On 30 th June 2018, Song Da 5 JSC participated in the celebration for the completion of Bao Lam 3 and Bao Lam 3A Hydro Power Project that was held by Power Construction No. 1 JSC (PCC1). Both these projects were executed by Song Da 5 JSC with the role as an EPC contractor. Bao Lam 3 Hydro Power Plant is situated between Duc Hanh Commune, Bao Lam district, Cao Bang Province and Niem Tong commune, Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province. This work consist of 2 units with the capability of 46 MW, the annual output of 192,2 million Kwh. At this time, 3 years ago, Song Da 5 JSC received the pleasure when Power construction No 1 JSC- the employer of the project handed-over the contract No. 150/2015/HĐXD-BL3 to implement Bao Lam 3 Hydro power project which includes main items such as Diversion culvert, right bank dam, water intake, outlet, spillway, left bank dam. The total contract value is VND 450 billion. Song Da 5 JSC completed the project and handed over to the Employer on 8 th October 2017, two months ahead of schedule in comparison with the request in the contract. The plant has generated electricity at Unit 1 on 13 th November 2017 and Unit 2 on 23 rd Nov 2017. Bao Lam 3 Hydro Power plant in operation   Continuing the success of Bao Lam 3 Hydro power project, the Employer (PCC1) signed the contract No 045/2016/HDXD-BL3A with Song Da 5 JSC on 22 nd Feb 2016 to handover the construction of Bao Lam 3A Hydro power project with the contract value of VND 131 billion. Bao Lam 3A hydro power project is located in Ly Bon commune, Bao Lam district, Cao Bang province. The work consist of 2 Units with the installation capacity of 8 MW, the annual output reaches 33.4 million KW/h. The plant has generated electricity at unit 1 on 11 th November 2017 and at unit 2 on 23 rd December 2017.   Bao Lam 3A Hydro Power plant  in operation In spite of difficulties and challenges in the previous time, Song Da 5 JSC has completed all the above mentioned projects thank to the determination and effort of all employees, ensuring the schedule, quality, safety and environmental hygiene and handing over to the employer and putting the plant into safe and stable operation. Bao Lam 3 and Bao Lam 3A Hydro Power Plants has contributed 225 billion kWh/year to the national electrical system, solve the electrical supply. Besides, the operation of these plants regulates floods for the downstream and provides water for the production in dry season, contributing to social economic development in Cao Bang and Ha Giang provinces. Some pictures at the Completion Celebration. Representatives of the contractor: Mr. Nguyen Manh Toan-Deputy General Director of Song Da 5 JSC participated in ribbon- cutting ceremony at Bao Lam 3 and Bao Lam 3A Plants. Vice President of Cao Bang Province made a speech at the celebration (Wrote by Song Da 5 JSC)
  • Expanding investment cooperation and market development in Laos
    In the morning of 5th September, in Vientiane Capital – Lao PDR, Song Da 5 JSC and Chaleun Sekong Energy Co., Ltd signed the Agreement on Investment Cooperation in Nam Kong 2, Nam Kong 3, Nam Emoune and Nam Ang Hydropower Project. The 40 th Meeting of Vietnam-Laos Inter-Governmental Committee was organized in Vientiane Capital – Lao PDR on 5 th February. In this meeting, Song Da 5 JSC and Chaleun Sekong Enery Co., Ltd signed the Agreement on investment cooperative in Nam Kong 2, Nam Kong 3, Nam Emoun and Nam Ang – Lao PDR. The signing ceremony was held solemnly in the witness of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and his Lao counterpart PM Thongloun Sisoulith and the delegation of Song Da Corporation, Song Da 5 JSC, whose chief delegate is Mr. Duong Khanh Toan – President of BOM Song Da Corporation and vice delegate is Mr. Tran Anh Duc – President of BOM Song Da 5 JSC and other leaders.   ​ (Song Da Delegation and his counterpart)   Bilateral Cooperative Agreement between Song Da 5 and Chaleun Sekong Energy is considered an important document in the Inter-Governmental Committee, their cooperation receive an strong support of Vietnam and Laos Government. In the signing ceremony, both Prime Minister wished the two companies every success in their cooperation and highlighted that our successful cooperation was not only the corporation target but also an important event which could contribute to maintain and strengthen friendship relation between Vietnam and Laos.     (Mr. Tran Huu Hung – CEO of Song Da 5 and Representative of Chaleun SeKong – Laos)   Such event is not only a significant turning-point in sustainable development of Song Da 5 JSC but also a clear demonstration marking the strong bilateral cooperation which turns stronger and more substantial and improving mutual traditional comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Lao.   Chaleun Sekong Enerfy Co., Ltd (CS ENERGY.CO., LTD) is subsidiary of Chaleun Sekong Group. The main operation business areas are civil work, possession and operation of hydroelectric plants in Lao PDR, with the aim to supply a clean renewable electricity, contribution to national development and improve economic growth and poor reduction in Laos. Chaleun Sekong is currently a concession holder of 03 hydropower projects which are in operation and COD including: Nam Ngo 3A in Xiengkhuang Province, Xe Nam Noy 1 in Attapeu and Xe Nam Noy 6 in Champasak Province.  
Lang Son: Ban Lai reservoir project shall be commencement in 10/2018
(Xaydung) That is the direction of comrade Ly Vinh Quang - Deputy chairman of Lang Son Province People's Committee at the recent meeting, to conduct the implementation of Ban Lai reservoir project -  stage 1 in Loc Binh district. Overview of the meeting. According to the report of the Department of agriculture and rural development of Lang Son province, until the date of 31st August, Ban Lai reservoir project in Loc Binh district, Lang Son province has disbursed 25,082/300,000 million VND, reach 8.36% of the plan. Currently, the Department of agriculture and rural development has urged the functional units rapidly implement the contents related to the work of resettlement and compensation for Ban Lai reservoir project. With regard to the land acquisition work, so far the construction road combined with management road in the right bank and left bank have been handed over; the compensation plan for head works and electric line has been established and publicity listed to get the people's opinions. In general, to present, the works are being behind the schedule, because this is a large-scale project, which had to adjust many times, the policy mechanism changed, the weather was not favorable. Speaking at the meeting, comrade Ly Vinh Quang - Deputy chairman of Province People's Committee directs: Employer need focus to complete the land acquisition issue in September. In September or October, Loc Binh district and Dinh Lap district, each district shall determine 1 location to construct the resettlement zone for the affected households and measure the lake bed area for land acquisition. At the same time, urgently complete the tender procedure for construction of Po Hang bridge and handle the flooding section in NH31, prepare the plan to organize the commencement of Ban Lai reservoir project in 10/2018. Khanh Huyen (Source:
  • The world most powerful power stations
    Power stations, also referred to as power plants, are industrial facilities that generate electric power. Here is a list of the worlds 10 most powerful power stations.   1. Three Gorges Dam: China   Capacity (MW): 22,500 Annual generation: 98.8 (2014) Type: Hydro The Three Gorges Dam in China is the world’s largest power station in terms of installed capacity (22,500 MW). In 2014 the dam generated 98.8 terawatt-hours (TWh), holding the record at that time. The annual power output of the plant is estimated at 85 TWh. The hydropower station supplies nine provinces and two cities, including Shanghai. 2. Itaipu Dam: Brazil & Paraguay Capacity (MW): 14,000 Annual generation: 103.09 (2016) Type: Hydro The Itaipu hydroelectric power plant with an installed capacity of 14,000 MW ranks as the world’s second largest hydropower plant. Located on the border between Brazil and Paraguay, the dam set a new record in 2016 producing 103,09 MWh; surpassing the Three Gorges Dam plant in in terms of energy production. 3. Xiluodu: China Capacity (MW): 13,860 Annual generation: 55.2 (2015) Type: Hydro The Three Gorges Project Corporation developed the Xiluodu power plant, in addition to Three Gorges. The Xiluodu is a 285.5 meter tall and 700 meters long double-curvature arch dam. It is also the third tallest arch dam in the world. 4. Guri: Venezuela Capacity (MW): 10,235 Annual generation: 47 (average) Type: Hydro The Guri Dam is a concrete gravity and embankment dam in Bolívar State, Venezuela. It is 7,426 meters long and 162 meters high. The power plant is made up of 20 generating units of different capacities ranging between 130 MW and 770 MW. 5. Tucuruí: Brazil Capacity (MW): 8,370 Annual generation: 21.4 (1999) Type: Hydro The Tucuruí Dam is a concrete gravity dam located on the Tucuruí County in the State of Pará, Brazil. The main purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power production and navigation. The installed capacity of 8,370 megawatts delivers electricity to the Belém town and the surrounding area. 6. Kashiwazaki-Kariwa: Japan Capacity (MW): 7,965 Annual generation: 60.3 (1999) Type: Nuclear The Kashiwazaki-Kariwa is a large, modern nuclear power plant built on a 4.2-square-kilometer site. It is the largest nuclear generating power station in the world in terms of net electrical power rating. The station was located 19 km from the epicenter of the second strongest earthquake to ever occur at a nuclear plant. This resulted in the plant shutting down for 21 months. Currently, safety improvements are being carried out and the plant remains closed. 7. Grand Coulee: USA Capacity (MW): 6,809 Annual generation: 21 (2008) Type: Hydro Built on the Columbia River in the state of Washington, USA, the Grand Coulee is a gravity dam that produces hydroelectric power and provides irrigation water. The 6,809 MW project consists of three power plants, as well as a concrete gravity dam spanning 168 meters in height and 1,592 meters in length. 8. Xiangjiaba: China Capacity (MW): 6,448 Annual generation: 30.7 (2015) Type: Hydro The Xiangjiaba Dam is a large gravity dam on the Jinsha River, in southwest China. The dam is China’s third-largest hydropower station following the Three Gorges Dam and Xiluodu Dam. 9. Longtan: China Capacity (MW): 6,426 Annual generation: 18.7 Type: Hydro Longtan Dam is a large roller-compacted concrete gravity dam on the Hongshui River in China. The dam is 216.2 metres high and 849 meters long, making it the tallest of its type in the world. The dam was created to produce hydroelectric power and also aid flood control and navigation. 10. Sayano-Shushenskaya: Russia Capacity (MW): 6,400 Annual generation: 24.9 (2013) Type: Hydro Located on the Yenisei River, near Sayanogorsk in Khakassia, Russia, the Sayano–Shushenskaya Dam is the largest power plant in Russia and the 9th-largest hydroelectric plant in the world. The power plant consists of 10 Francis generating units with a capacity of 640MW each. Source: britishgas
  • Hanoi’s US$4 billion smart city to enter first phase by late 2018
      The announcement was made on the sidelines of the conference “Hanoi 2018 – Investment and Development Cooperation” on June 17, by a representative of Sumitomo Group – one of the two firms shaking hand in the smart city project in Hanoi. President and CEO of Sumitomo Corp, Masayuki Hyodo affirmed that the project could commence work on the first phase by late 2018 or early 2019, in which the initial components would be built, focusing on infrastructure for clean water supply. “The total fund poured in first phase is estimated at more than US$1 billion”, he noted. The project is funded by the joint venture formed between Japan's Sumitomo and Vietnam's BRG, which signed the deal to carry out the smart city project during Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s visit to Japan in 2017. The city spans 272 hectares in Dong Anh- a district in northen Hanoi and will cost US$4.138 billion, connecting with the center via the Nhat Tan-Noi Bai axis. In phase 1, the joint venture Sumitomo - BRG will pour over US$1 billion into facilities on an area of 73.11 hectares. Smart city model currently lures much of international attention. It heads to create a living zone for residents, where environment-friendly features combine with advanced landscape and broad green spaces, said Masayuki Hyodo from Sumitomo Group. “It is Sumitomo’s honor to partner with Vietnam’s BRG to construct the smart city in Hanoi, amid the long-standing trade ties between Vietnam and Japan,” CEO Masayuki Hyodo said, stressing that it will work closely with the Vietnam conglomerate to make the project a success, contributing to the sustainable development of Hanoi. Established in 1993, BRG Group provides services in numerous areas, namely real estate, hospitality, entertainment, golf courses, trade, retail, production, and construction. Meanwhile, Sumitomo is one of the largest trading and investment companies in Japan engaged in multifaceted business activities through a network of 132 locations in 67 countries worldwide with total 70,000 employees. Hanoitimes
  • Government urges transport ministry to expedite Long Thanh airport project
    Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has asked the transport ministry, the Dong Nai government and the relevant agencies to speed up the Long Thanh International Airport project in the southern province of Dong Nai, reported the local media. He noted that to fast-track the project, work on land reclamation, land clearance compensation, support and resettlement should be carried out urgently.   The deputy prime minister has directed the ministry to prepare a feasibility study for the first phase of the project and send it to the National Assembly for approval at a meeting scheduled at the end of 2019.   The ministry has also been asked to supervise the project and work with the Dong Nai government, the Construction Ministry, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and other relevant agencies to review the planning process to ensure a proper traffic infrastructure system is created inside and outside the airport.   The construction ministry will cooperate with the authority of Dong Nai Province to plan the transformation of the airport into a hub for managing, investing in and developing urban areas and services.   Meanwhile, he has asked the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to quickly complete reports on environmental impacts of the project and work with the Dong Nai government to begin taking back land for site clearance.   The State appraisal council is expected to support the government of Dong Nai Province in supplementing the content of the feasibility study so that it can go before the prime minister at the earliest.   In April this year, the deputy prime minister issued Announcement 149 on expediting land recall for the Long Thanh Airport project, scheduled in six communes--- Long An, Binh Son, Cam Duong, Suoi Trau, Bau Can and Long Phuong---in Long Thanh District of Dong Nai Province, some 40 kilometers east of HCMC.   The National Assembly allowed the Government in June 2015 to proceed with the Long Thanh airport project with a total cost of an estimated VND336.6 trillion, or US$16.03 billion based on the 2014 exchange rate between the Vietnam dong and the U.S. dollar.   VND114.5 trillion (some US$5.45 billion) will go to the first phase in which one runway and one terminal will be built to handle 25 million passengers and 1.2 million tons of cargo a year. This phase is expected to up and running in 2025 at the latest. One more runway and a cargo terminal would be constructed in the second phase to increase the airport’s annual capacity to 50 million and 1.5 million tons of cargo. It will have more facilities to accommodate 100 million passengers and five million tons of cargo in 2050. SGT
  • Hanoi real estate projects shook
    In recent years, the real estate market in Hanoi has become vibrant with a series of large real estate projects. In 2018, the market will also welcome a series of new large-scale projects expected to continue to create fever in the real estate business here.   Let’s find out about the most awaited real estate projects in 2018 through the following content. Sunshine Sky Park Project Sunshine Sky Park is a real estate project invested by Sunshine Group. The project is located in Dong Tru, Long Bien, Hanoi. This is the position that the real estate business evaluation is the golden position in the center of the capital. In the midst of a denser downtown environment, not all projects are as good as the Sunshine Sky Park project. From here, we can easily move to other locations such as My Dinh, Noi Bai airport, universities in Hanoi are less than 20 minutes drive. Panoramic view of Sunshine Sky Park project Sunshine Sky Park is built on an area of ​​23,611 sqm designed to be a complex of commercial centers and apartments. According to the design, Sunshine Sky Park will supply to the market 5000 units designed by Devo from Singapore Lion Island. This is the first real estate project in Hanoi where Sunshine Group is targeting low-income customers with affordable apartments. However, Sunshine Sky Park does not have a beautiful and modern design. Investors are very focused on the design of each apartment with the modern western style and modern luxury for each apartment in the project sophistication and very smart. In addition, Sunshine Sky Park is a project with a system of extremely modern utilities for residents living with the system of commercial center, green park, swimming pool, entertainment area. … With the advantages of location in terms of design as well as price in line with the move of the real estate market today, this will be one of the real estate projects in Hanoi are many customers as well as real estate business in the world looking forward to. Multifunctional complex of Dinh Cong street The T & T multi-purpose project is being developed by investor T & T as a private investment group and is considered as the most investment project in the real estate market of Hanoi in 2018. Dinh Cong 120 is located in a prime location, surrounded by a series of important routes of the Capital such as Ring Road 2.5, Giai Phong – Le Duan and two bus stations Giap Bowl and water right next to. In addition, from the T & T apartment project, we can move to the area of ​​Hoan Kiem Lake, Medical University, Thong Nhat Park within a radius of 3km. Not only owns the beautiful location, Dinh Cong T & T also offers customers many options with high-rise apartment building or adjoining shophouse. The complex of T & T Dinh Cong is built with a total area of ​​7958 sqm with a designed height of 5 storeys for Shophouse and 26 storeys for high class apartment buildings. The front of T & T Dinh Cong apartment project The apartments in T & T Dinh Cong apartment will be designed from 2-3 bedrooms with modern space, cozy but also very delicate and luxurious. With the attractive price of the first phase, experts said this will be a project of real estate Hanoi is high profitability and is expected today. Valencia Garden project The Valencia Garden apartment project is one of the projects located in the East of Hanoi invested by the investor MIK Group. This is a conveniently located project that allows residents to easily move to the center of Hanoi with only 15 minutes drive from the transportation system such as Vinh Tuy Bridge, Chuong Duong Bridge, Highway 5, or expressway 5B. Valencia Garden apartment project The project is built on an area of ​​approximately 10,865 m2 with three apartment towers A, B, C with a corresponding height of 15: 15: 9 floors. According to the design of the investor, the entire real estate project in Hanoi will provide 366 apartments with an area of ​​60-94 sqm. Valencia Garden apartment project is built in the model of housing combined with closed commercial area to create a comfortable living environment for residents. In addition, Valencia Garden also offers residents apartments designed beautifully and luxurious, modern but also delicate, in harmony with nature and the perfect system of internal facilities such as the system room gym, children’s play area and facilities from the Viet Hung urban area project. This real estate project is being offered for only VND2.2 billion, which makes real estate developers think that the possibility of the Valencia Garden project causing a fever next year is absolutely possible. The adjacent villa project 90 Nguyen Tuan The 90 Nguyen Tuan villa project invested by Song Da Urban and Industrial Park Investment Joint Stock Company is developed and developed by the investor. The project owns a beautiful location in front of Nguyen Tuan street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi. From the location of the project, we can easily move to central areas, entertainment as well as a large number of universities in Hanoi. Beautiful villa in Nguyen Tuan street Nguyen Tuan adjacent villa is in the overall project is designed with a total area of ​​3.7 hectares with a high-rise apartment building and 100 plots of land for villas. According to the design, the project will provide customers with many options with adjacent villas area of ​​75sqm, 150sqm villas and apartments with an area of ​​60 to 98 sqm. Beside, the adjacent villa project and 90 Nguyen Tuan apartment are also equipped with modern facilities such as commercial center, swimming pool, gym, pre-school … These facilities will be the basis for bringing residents comfortable, modern and comfortable living. Although not officially put into operation, the information of this project adjacent real estate always attracts the attention of customers and investors. In 2018 will be one of the real estate projects in Hanoi will create a large fever. The above is our share of some of the real estate projects in Hanoi are being real estate business as well as many people have a desire to expect in 2018. Hopefully with the information we have Sharing, you will have a more comprehensive view of the real estate market in Hanoi today as well as the project is causing fever to have more options to suit your desire and needs. realestatevietnam
  • China mulls exit from Nepal's Seti hydropower project
    Kathmandu: Citing high resettlement and rehabilitation costs, China is planning to make an exit from 750-megawatt West Seti hydropower project in Nepal, reported the South China Morning Post quoting sources in Kathmandu.   A high-level delegation from CWE Investment Corporation, a subsidiary of China Three Gorges Corporation that had undertaken to execute the project in a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in 2012, told the Nepalese authorities that it has now found the project "financially unfeasible".   A Nepal Investment Board official, on condition of anonymity told the South China Morning Post that the MoU and a subsequent agreement with the Nepal Electricity Authority would now have to be cancelled. In an attempt to save the contract, senior Nepali officials including Finance Minister Yubaraj Khatiwada and Energy Minister Barshaman Pun offered to reduce the generation capacity to 600 megawatt from the proposed 750 megawatt for the same contract award of USD 1.2 billion. They also suggested to extend the power purchase agreement to 12 years from the 10 years earlier agreed upon.     "However, the Three Gorges team said that while Nepal's new offer would address some of their concerns, the resettlement and rehabilitation of the displaced, and arranging power transmission to Kathmandu from the remotely located project would be technically difficult and financially expensive," said the investment board official. "The Chinese were reluctant to review their stance," the official added.   The signing of the MoU in 2012 was then seen as the beginning of a partnership between Nepal and China in harnessing Nepal's rich hydro sources. China had entered Nepal's hydropower market a year after Australia's Snowy Mountain company failed to raise enough funds for it, the South China Morning Post reported. The Chinese and Nepali sides have been at loggerheads over West Seti for some time. On May 29, Kathmandu in its annual budget for the next financial year 2018-19, said that the West Seti project would be developed with "domestic resources". China's state-run Xinhua news agency had said that this would lead to "widespread concerns about possible negative impact on Chinese investment". eenaduindia
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